1954-59 Nordberg Railway Track Maint. Machinery Catalg

This is a group of over thirty Norberg Railway Track Maintenance Machinery catalogs/bulletins. Norberg Bulletins range from 1954 through 1959 under the following titles: Trak-Surfacer; Tamping Power Jack; Midget Surfacer; Gang Tamper; Trak-Liner; Line Indicator; Trak Sweeper; Hydraulic Power Jack; Mechanical Spike Puller; Hydraulic Propelled Mechanical Spike Puller; Power Wrench; Ballast Router; Self-Propelled Model CZ Adzer; Portable Precision Grinder; Dun-Rite Gaging Machine & Bronco; Bronco Mechanical Propulsion; Tie Drill; Spike Hammer; Model CD Power Rail Drill; Hydraulic Spike Puller & Carriage; Gandy; Gandy-Snapper & Snapper; Spike Hammer; Surf-Rail Grinder; DSL Yard Cleaner; Track Shifter.

Cover Bulletin is a master catalog featuring all the different Norberg machinery with a small description - this is followed by individual bulletins for each piece of Norberg machinery with great detail, many photos, line drawn illustrations, along with descriptive text.

Bulletins are in very good condition. Delivery confirmation receipt included with mailing within U.S.