1954 ATSF Art "RED CLIFFS" by a famous artist - ATSF Railroad/Poster/Calendars

Early ATSF Art "RED CLIFFS" by a famous painter/ATSF Railroad/Poster/Calendars

Recently I came across a plethora of ATSF memorabilia that included travel kits, schedules, posters, and calendars. I have kept 20 of the prints depicting Navajo culture as I so remember the ATSF efforts. I hope I said that right!

The reason I remember this so well is that as a young boy growing up in New York I got a Lionel train set that was pulled by a four unit Atchison Topeka & Sante Fe Diesel. I'll never forget running that train in the dark illuminated only by the headlights and pieces of the train. What a wonderful memory I have of setting it up every X-Mas. I always got more pieces until it was so big it was too hard to put it up with so little space. Plus, I became a teenager and found new toys to play with. While I just got huge bucks for the train set, I still have the memories, and all of the ATSF posters. Now, about the art!

There was one man responsible for all of the beautiful prints that were painted for ATSF and that was William Haskell Simpson, and he began his advertising campaign in the early 1900's. ( See this information at the bottom of the listing.)

Now I am selling these calendar posters that were on top of each calendar, and I do have 20 of the poster portions. I would consider selling
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