1954 Baltimore Catechism Traditional Catholic Teaching

is a the 1954 No. 2 Official Revised Edition of Father McGuire's The New Baltimore Catechism and Mass, published by Benziger Brothers, Inc. It is a softcover paperback. It is in almost like new condition. This came out of a house of an elderly priest. This is of course pre-Vatican II. This book contains 39 lessons, more in depth than Baltimore Catechism No.1, and is appropriate for grades 6-9.

Since the Baltimore Catechism was first launched in 1885, it has proved an incomparable tool for passing on the faith to the next generation. The revival of this Catechism reflects the growing realisation among Catholics, that to accept, practice and defend the holy faith, we must first understand and learn its truths. The Baltimore Catechism clearly and concisely explains what Catholics believe.

The question and answer format is useful for anyone who wants to grow in his or her knowledge of the faith of the Catholic Church. It is also perfect for parents who want to instruct their children in the fundamentals of Catholicism.

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