1954 Confederate Money Album COMPLETE Cheerios Premium

All ORIGINAL - Cereal Premium - Giveaway from General Mills Cheerios. The RARE - Hard to find COMPLETE SET! This is so cool that they have recently been re-produced.. This IS ORIGINAL FROM 1954. From local estate in the Catskill Mtns. NY. Large set includes all shown. 8.25" x 17" Mailing envelope with mailing label INTACT. Folder measures 8.25" x 17 closed and 24 3/4" x 17" Open. "Album for Reproductions of CONFEDERATE CURRENCY- A COLLECTION OF COPIES OF CONFEDERATE CURRENCY ISSUED BY THE CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA" Inside the impressive folder are 9 reproduced Confederate Bills . $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100, $1000. Some are double sided .. some single. All have printed on back "REPRINTED IN U.S.A. 1954". T is shadow areas w the print from the bills has darked the folder paper in areas.. this can be expected from something stored so long.. But the bills ALL look like they were just purchased! Corners are all t. No damage that I could see.. GREAT graphics. In the middle of folder is the colorful image of the ROBERT E. LEE Steamboat.. plus a brief history about Confederate Currency. On the inside..lower right corner of folder. The original owners name is written in pen.. and can be removed by new owner. This name does match the mailing envelope.. which substantiates all original contents. No tears or wrinkling to the folder ... read more