My parents were avid collector hobbyists - both raised with privilege in Philadelphia - my mother the grandaughter of a famous inventor. They kept everything from 5 households including: both their parents estates (one Main Line Philadelphia - one Media, PA & Drexel Hill ), a summer home near Norway, Maine on Lake Penneseewassee (Built 1930's) and another summer home on Lake Fairview in the Pocono Mountains (Built 1950's) - and lastly their home in Clearwater, FL .

Traveling far and wide discovering treasures during the 40's thru the late 90's Dad was all about the automobile having designed for Ford Motor Co. in the 50's - then working for WFIL-TV & Radio in Philadelphia, WLCY and WQYK in Florida. My mom, raised by a governess to be the consumate housewife was into elephants, dolls, bears, asian art, contemporary design (particularly Danish Modern) and interior decorating. She also knit, created and sewed my wardrobe, was an amazing cook who LOVED baseball (she worked for the Blue Jays from 1976 - 1982 as caterer in the press trailer during Spring Training). She died in an auto accident, then my dad passed away a few months after her death. She was a teddy bear artist at the end of her life and he was a watchmaker leaving behind thousands of watches and bears and a complete history in collectibles of the Blue Jays
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