Up for auction is a true rarity!,The ultra elusive 1954 Philco 'V' handle refrigerator!,the worlds first and only refrigerator with a 2 WAY DOOR!,yes thats right,the door will open on either side depending on which way the giant chrome V handle is turned!Designed by famed industrial designer Harold Van Doren.Philco offered the 'v' handle as their top line model,it was very expensive and most saw it as a novelty and elected instead for a standard model,as a result very few 'V' handles were made during the year and half the model was sold. Today they are widely considered the "holy grail" of 1950's refrigerators and the handful that still remain seldom surface for resale.If you check the web you'll find a place called antique appliances. the last one they had sold for $6,800! fully restored. The condition of this refrigerator is excellent,it was restored several years ago,and has been in my personal collection,the V handle has been rechromed and is pit free,the interior shelves had likewise been rechromed and still sparkle and gleam.t are only a few minor blemishes in the enamel,and one tiny ding in the bottom corner which isnt visible on camera.I am offering this item for sale once,if it doesnt sell it will not be relisted. This refrigerator runs beautifully and is ultra quiet.all shelves and racks are present,even the fragile plastic ... read more