1954 Sculptor Paul Manship Autograph Letter Signed

In this cordial autograph letter signed, Paul Manship reached out to a fellow American in Florence, Italy, in September of 1954. He wrote "Dear Mr. Seymore, I am wondering if you are in Florence? I hope you are - and that I may have the pleasure to meet you. Our friend B.B. [art historian Bernard Berenson] suggested that I consult with you about a publication of a book about my sculpture - Perhaps we can get together for lunch or dinner some day? Work for the Chapel of the Am. Military Cemetery at Anzio brings me here - and I will only remain until Oct 7th when I fly back to N.Y. With kind regards I am Sincerely yours Paul Manship" He also added a postscript under his signature - "We have many friends in common - Henry Moe has given me this present address. PM"

Paul Manship (1885-1966) was an American sculptor, specializing in animals and mythological figures. His best-recognized work is the gilded bronze Prometheus at New York City's Rockefeller Center. He also created numerous sculptural works for American Military Cemeteries/Memorials in Thiaucourt, France (World War I) and Anzio, Italy (World War II). He collaborated with Bruno Bearzi of Florence on the ceiling of the chapel at Anzio, and that is likely the work he was discussing in this letter.

Written on both sides of a sheet of Albergo Berchielli Firenze (still
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