1954 Yakima WA High School~Photos~Raymond Carver~Sports

1954 Yakima High School Annual The Lolomi with great photographs and text showing the students, faculty, activities, graphics, literature, pictures of school and surrounding, and local advertisment. Seniors each get large individual photos, list of clubs and accomplishments. Great photos and design!

Of Special Note : > Pictured within is sophomore and future story writer Raymond Carver.

Names of individually photographed seniors include: jo anne alexander, Anderson (helen, howard, lewis), gwen apple, bonnie arneberg, janet ashbaugh, dick atlas, katy bagley, marjorie bainter, norma baker, chuck barr, george barrett, earl barton, sue bateman, jerry beatty, doris becker, howard beckman, pat beecham, shirley belshee, shirley bice, edith adn janet bishop, joanne bissell, ronald blohm, darlene boche, charlotte bode, charles bohlke, sandra bolyard, lois bonwell, beverly, boyle, janice brandd, ron bronson, Brown (bonnie, charlene, david, ted), wayne buck, jerry burling, joanne burlingame, ann burnie, don burns, sharon burrill, bill cadwallader, joel cairo, marilyn campbell, beverly capps, ronald carlson, ann carothers, lila carr, connie carratt, barbara cartwright, duane carver, selma cawley, larry chandler, charlene chapman, elizabeth churchill, joetta clark, barbara clements, beverly clubb, margt coglon, rex comfort,

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