You are bidding on a seldom seen Original 1955 ( Code A-2) Gillette Gold Plated Diplomat Safety Razor, Case, 10 Blue Blades, and complete with the original instructions packaged with the blades, still sealed in plastic! This razor has never been used and I would grade it as a 9+. The plating is excellent and t are very few imperfections to be seen under a loupe.
T are some slight dark spots to be noted in the case interior beige lining material. The
exterior of the case is in excellent condition with no tears or wear spots and still retains its shine and closes firmly.
The razor operates very smoothly while opening and closing the blade doors. This Razor is 3 1/4" long and weighs 66 grams. This was a super desirable razor in its time and is still considered to be an excellent example of USA engineering and skilled craftsmanship that has stood the test of time!
This would be an excellent razor to be displayed as the center piece of your collection, or
if you choose, a super nice wet shaving razor to use that will last you a lifetime! I could never talk myself into using this razor, as it was way to pristine to actually shave with.
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