1955 Silvertone 1352 Harmony H-60 Kay Gibson P13 NR!

1955 Silvertone 1352 / Harmony H-60
If you're looking for a 100% original and reliable vintage Harmony, this is it! It has the jazz sound that other archtops of this era WISH they had!
Lots of finish checking, giving it an awesome vintage vibe. Very clean and glossy original finish.
Fresh neck reset, giving it low action. Arrow-straight neck with nearly no relief. Great frets!
I am a light player and have the action set below spec. No fretting out at all! The bridge can go up or down depending on player preference.
One awesome feature of this Harmony is the original rosewood bridge with a bone saddle. That give it sustain that Gibson's, Kay's, and many other Silvertone's of the era lack.
Another cool feature is the original Gibson P-13 pickup! Sounds fantastic! Very cool and smooth jazz tones. Electronics are 100% original and untouched, which means that there is no ground wire to the bridge. I can add one in the shop for $15, just let me know.
The pickup sings for days. Hotter than a soap bar, but not at all wirey like a humbucker.
Brand new setup, great intonation, LOW action, and brand spankin' new strings.
This is the only H-60 I've seen with a quilt maple back! Check out that figure! Very nice arch to both the back and the top. Not sunken at all.
Please feel free to email with questions.
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