1955 Topps Duke Snider "VG-EX" Condition

This auction is for a 1955 Topps Duke Snider #210..

The Duke Snider is a real super nice looking card. All four corners look to be in the EX range with a little wear. The centering is a little off from left to right.. It has a crease on the left side of Duke's face that goes from the top of card to the bottom, it also has a crease on the right side of the card just off the border. T is also a few other tiny creases on the card. All the creases are only noticable on the front side of the card in the right light. It has no holes, scratches or marks on either side of the card. The back is fresh and clean and the color of this card is rich and bold. This card should be in the VG-EX range. In my opinion I would think that it would probably grade about a 3 or 4 rating from PSA..

This is a really great looking card, in great shape.. AWESOME FOR IT'S AGE ..

The Duke Snider is stored and will be shipped in a beautiful brand new 1" screw down "Acrylic" card holder, a "BRICK" for extra protection.

I offer 100% money back guarentee with return of merchandise if your not completly satisfied with the item..