up for bids is a 1955 Walt Disney's Disneyland Fun Box. Included are 2 coloring books. One is marked Walt Disney's Main Street Coloring Fun and the other is marked Walt Disney's Frontierland Coloring Fun. � The Frontierland book has none of the pages colored. The Mainstreet book has 5 pages colored. � auction also includes 1 Walt Disney's Disneyland dot to dot activity book. � this has one page done. � also included is a Walt Disney's Disneyland scrapbook. � there is nothing marked on the pages in this book. it is blank. � These books are made by Whitman publishing. � set also includes 6 crayons, in the box. � crayons have been used. � Also included is a folded cardboard � game board which is 2 games. � there are little moving pieces that are punched out, along with a cardboard piece. � these moving pieces and the cardboard piece are missing. � On the front of the box is listed as having a card game included. � this came with the set of Gypsy Witch fortune telling cards in it. I dont know if this is the original set, but I am including with this auction. � the books are actually in pretty good condition for their age. � no rips or tears. there is very slight wear on some of the edges of the books. � the box also is not torn, but does show some wear. this is really a great set. � the front of the box shows old rides, a train, mickey ... read more