PHILLIP BENZ COLLECTION 12 HOUR AUCTION PRICED TO SELL, MUST SELL, WILL SELL. QUOTE: TO A SERIOUS COLLECTOR, A FOUNTAIN PEN IS LIKE A POSTAGE STAMP. "IF IT'S NOT PERFECT, IT'S WORTHLESS". PHILLIP BENZ. PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE TEXT BEFORE BIDDING, THIS ITEM IS RARE AND COLLECTIBLE, IT IS IMPORTANT YOU BECOME FAMILIAR WITH THE ITEM. BIDDING/AUCTION: STARTING THE BIDDING WITH JUST $55.55 NEVER A RESERVE. THE PHILLIP BENZ COLLECTION: WHAT IS SO SPECIAL ABOUT THE PHILLIP BENZ COLLECTION? Considered one the best and most respected collection in the world with collectors in 23 countries and almost 9000 writing instruments ordered to be liquidated. Please Note: In the entire Phillip Benz collection, t are NO cracks, NO dents, NO scratches, NO scars, NO teeth marks, NO monograms, NO ink blockage, NO damaged nibs, NO dried sacs, NO blemishes, NO smears, NO rust, NO corrosion, NO indentations marks, NO lose parts, NO replacement parts, NO substituted parts, NO after market parts, NO damaged parts in any of the instruments. Every item is tested for ink flow, consistency and performance. PLEASE NOTE: If it's not perfect, it is not in the collection. For this reason, every instrument has a 90 days guarantee. DESCRIPTION: JUST COLLECTED IN THE ORIGINAL CONDITION. WATERMAN FULL SIZE FOUNTAIN PEN. GOLD FILLED CAP COLLECTOR'S SERIES. PERFECT WORKING ... read more