You are bidding on a NO Reserve Auction for a 1956 to 1959 Slingerland Snare Drum. I looked the badge up on line, and that is how I dated the drum. With only a 3-year window of manufacturing this is pretty rare. If you own a 56-59 kit then just the lugs and tension rods may have more value than the drum all together. The top head is playable, the bottom head has separated form the brace, and it has Genuine Calf written above RADIO KING Parade drum stamped on it. It has the original Strainer, Mute, Throw-off, and Badge, as well as all of the original tension rods and lugs. T is some cosmetic oxidation on the lugs and some rust and t as you can see in the pictures but 0000 steel wool and elbow grease will take care of most of it.

The size 14 by 10" and it has 8 tension rods top and bottom! It has wood rims as opposed to metal ones, but from what I understand t are a lot of new snares comming out with wood rims now. T are no extra holes in the body (so if you have a kit this shell may quallify if you want to build a tom), and the rims look straight!

This is a No Reserve Auction so the drum is being sold As-Is. Check out my feed back rating, I sell everything As-Is and I have over 3,000 happy clients so don't worry - Please ask all questions before you bid -If you need to you can call me at -Thanks for looking-Tom
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