1956 American Flyer train set

Thanks for looking! Up for auction is this American Flyer 3/16" scale steam train set originally shipped from New Haven, CN on May 23, 1956. All items are still in the original shipping boxes.It is listed as new though the boxes were opened but it appears that none of the tracks were ever connected and the engine and rolling stock have never sat on a rail. This is model 5525-TBW set with (2) M3290 instruction booklets, original AF regstration card and M3358 authorized service sheet. Also in the set are as follows: #293 AF steam engine/tender with 3 #25 smoke cartridges, 36- #702 curved track, 20- #700 straight track, 2- C3N693 transformers, wire, 2- #706 uncouplers, 2- #937 Katy box cars, 2- #912 chemical cars, 2- #916 gondola cars, 1- #922 DF box car, 1- #921 coal car, 2- #930 caboose cars,terminal clips, wood screws, #690 track terminals.