1956 davy crockett 80 cards orange set, nm/mt

PLEASE READ MY "ME" PAGE BEFORE GOING ANY FURTHER OR BIDDING ON ANY STUFF, THIS WAY YOU KNOW WHAT W AND WHATEVER...........................please look at the pictures, i tried my best to present them, used a black background, tried to fan them out as i don't know any other way to show them? way to many cards to do each.. sorry for any flash as i could not get some to photo good, ...............read....i know nothing of these, these are from a old very big collection, all with no reserve, no refunds as all need to sell, if not sure please don't bid, i don't want anybody unhappy because i couldn't help them, all will start at $9.99, if sell for more great, i bought a magazine to help out called nonsport update at barnes and noble, many of the sets are in t, many ae not, most are labled, the ones not will be your judgement, i have tried my best to browse e bay and look at auctions to study some of the lingo, i know better grade means alot, any sets or cards with defects will be noted, some of these come in clear plastic sheets, some in clear plastic boxes, some i have nothing for but can buy a box or sheets(used) at the hobby store , this is how they will be mailed,.......winners must pay for shipping, i don't charge for handling i think that is the biggest scam, any insurance is your choice, but i am not responsible for any lost cards ... read more