1956 Gibson Les Paul TV Model Jr. NO RESERVE!

I am listing this 1956 Gibson Les Paul TV Junior at NO RESERVE, so I hope it goes to a player/collector who will appreciate it. This is a fine original TV Junior which has had a pro-refret. Note that some of the pics show an “All Parts” tailpiece and studs that it came with when I bought it. Luckily the original tailpiece and studs came with the guitar and have since been re-installed, it can be seen on the close up tailpiece picture. The intonation is excellent and it plays like a dream due to a pro refret with medium frets.. There is one pic that shows the original bridge and studs that the guitar will come with. A great, lightweight Junior which bathroom scales around 6.7lbs, I have listed out the details:

What’s Original

- The finish is the completely original limed mahogany and in nice condition as can be seen by the pics. There was what appears to be a flame/hot rod sticker behind the bridge and when it was removed it left a blemish behind the tailpiece as can be seen in the pics.

- There are no breaks, repairs, routes, extra or enlarged holes

- Pickup and electronics are completely original with no broken solder joints. The pickup is an absolute killer, and no “Special” can compare to the Jr. configuration but you probably know that already

What’s not Original

- The guitar
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