1956 Loretta Young Emmy Award for the Loretta Young Show

In 1956 award winning actress Loretta Young won this EMMY when she made the transition from movies to Television for Best Continuing Performance in a Dramatic Series. In the epilogue to each show she might be best remembered for the entrance to a replicated interior of her personal residence displaying different gowns primarily created by famous designer Jean Louis who she married in her later life. Jean Louis was the head dress designer for Columbia Pictures. For 20 years he designed gowns for the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Kim Novak, Deborah Kerr, Donna Reed and others. During the shows themselves Loretta would play a different character each week. Unlike other TV series at the time, each show told a different story after which she would read a short passage from a different philosophical book describing what she believed gave some moral point or meaning to her viewers. There were other anthologies on the air, but none of them better exemplified the American ideal to women throughout the world than The Loretta Young Show at that time.