1957 Chevrolet 2 Door Hardtop Title Turquoise White 57 Chevy Collectible!

Sold as a collectible / historical document. Title for a 57 Chevy 2 door hardtop we had years ago. Belair Turquoise and white Janesville built V-8. I stuck some little pieces of post it note over some places for a little privacy. In my Dads name and signed over on the back with blank buyer, was going to transfer to my name decades ago but instead the car was stripped and scrapped, this is all that is left. Dated June of 1981. Dad has since passed on as has the fellow we bought it from. Questions are welcomed and I can add more pictures to the listing if needed.
We prefer to sell just within the U.S. Foreign bidders please e-mail and ask before bidding. As stated we welcome any questions but please, please don't wait till the last minute. Any questions within the last 12 hours of the auction run a high risk of not getting answered. We do not sit beside the computer 24/7. Thanks for checking out our auctions and taking the time to read the fine print!