This is a supremely difficult to find radio, especially in this condition. The Magnavox AW-100 Intercontinental "All-Wave All-Transistor" is the first multi-band portable transistorized radio, according to Michael Schiffer's book The Portable Radio in American Life (p. 190). Sarah's Transistor Radios states of this radio: "A very early transistorized multi-band radio, the AW-100 pre-dates the Zenith Royal 1000 and may be the first ever multiband consumer radio built with transistors. Pretty rare." This radio is featured in a number of classic transistor radio websites, including: /collection/magnavox/magnavox11.html , and /r/magnavox_aw_100aw10.html .

This is truly one of THE iconic early transistor radios - up t with the Regency TR-1 and Sony TR-63. This model followed the development of the first transistor radio, the Regency TR-1 of November 1954, by just 3 years, hitting the market in the fall of 1957. It offers continuous coverage from 540 KC to 22 MC, using a geared fine tuning control for bandspread instead of the electrical bandspread that the Zenith Royal 1000 (introduced in Dec 1957) used. This radio has highly-sought-after early transistors, a classic and beautiful design and engineering that was meant to rival, and perhaps surpass, the great Zenith Trans-oceanics. This is truly a superb and very rare radio.
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