1957 Nomura Forbidden Planet Robot B/O Awesome Toy!!!

Forbidden Planet Robot from 1957 (Nomura). It is 100% original and not a modern repro! It is 13" tall and made of pressed steel with rubber hands and a clear plastic dome. With the exception of a small plastic silver part that would be on the very top of the robot's heads under the clear dome, it is complete. I did find a replacement part available on-line that is fairly inexpensive. The robot is battery operated (2 "D" size) and the compartments on the side of each leg are clean with no corrosion visible. When turned on, it walks, it lights up and the small pistons under the clear dome move up and down slightly. The paint is still very decent on the body with some minor rubs and scratches. The rubber hands are still pliable and not hard and brittle. The clear dome is decent, but has a small crack on the front edge, but not too bad. This piece can also be replaced with a very nice repro if needed. There is no box with this toy. This is probably one of, if not the neatest space toy that was ever made!! Thanks and