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Silver Certificates were printed for a time in the United States as a form of paper currency . They were produced in response to silver agitation by citizens who were angered by the Fourth Coinage Act , which placed the United States on the gold standard . The certificate was matched to the same amount of value in silver coinage . For example, one fifty dollar Silver Certificate equals fifty silver dollars .

T are a few features that distinguish a Silver Certificate. The seal and serial numbers on many of the first Silver Certificates issued were red, brown, and blue. It was not until Series 1899 for the $1, $2, and $5 denominations that the seal and number colors were officially and permanently changed to blue. (This occurred at different points for denominations above $5). During World War II the government issued 1935a Silver Certificates with a brown seal for Hawaii distribution and 1935a certificates with a yellow seal for North Africa distribution. The idea was that if these areas fell into enemy hands during the war, the money would be able
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