1958 American Flyer 21115 Penna Engine Tender cars 20450 Trail Blazer Set w/box

Fresh out of a local estate we acquired this 1958 set with the rare 21115 Pennsylvania Locomotive , Matching Tender and 4 cars which i believe are part to the Trail Blazer Freight Set , This set appears to have spent most of its time packed away in its original boxes . To me everything looks nice and clean , the only damage found is the one car has a chip on the top corner and the one metal ring around the wheel spins freely on the locomotive. The engine and tender boxes have matching numbers.

We are not train experts and I didn't trust fully testing it with the wheel loose and the track which was in another box had surface rust. I did have it on the track and it did attempt to run and the light on the smoke stack and front lit up. that is all the testing we did , I did not try the deluxe caboose, but i'm sure it works fine as clean as it is.

The 21115 engine shows no other breaks, rust, or repairs other then the wheel mentioned. The box is in nice shape with no tears. The tender is nice and clean with no rust or breaks. The box has tear to the flap. The number 24619 deluxe caboose is very nice with no rust or breaks. Looks complete. Box also has a tear on the flap. #24112 container gondola has the 5 original silver containers. The car and containers have no breaks. Box has torn flaps. The 24213 Hopper car has a
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