1958 Army Dress Uniform

1958 beautiful military dress uniform. I believe it is army or airforce but not sure. Comes with Jacket size 46 long made by Marlow White Co., Pants sized to fit no numbers, Shirt size 18 34/35 made by Lord West Co., Cumberbund, 4 pearl buttons, 2 pearl cufflinks, beautiful silver leaf pin clip, and other acc. pictured. The stitch work on the sleeves is very intricate. It is in nice condition but needs to be dry cleaned. No major stains but does have little ring around the collar on the T-shirt. It has 2 pins on the jacket both look to be parachutes with wings on the side, and a star with a circle around it on top of the parachute. One is bigger and has stars also on the wings and in the middle of the parachute. T are some holes on the left collier w other medals and pins have been removed. If you have any questions feel free to ask, thanks for looking!