Don't get any nicer than this, just a little o/c but PACK FRESH> No creases, bends, paper loss, etc. Corners are sharp, edges are all sharp, the colors don't have a blemish and jump right out at you. A guaranteed card to get graded. COMPARISONS ON LINE AT PRESENT, THIS IS DEFINITELY A 7 as it is better than any 5, 6 most definitely and probably equal or better than the 7 in my opinion.

Bought from individual 100 miles away in 2003 who sold most all other '58s to one dealer in the NW and he had graded. This was after I was able to pick a few out: All, or most if not all, came back a PSA 6.5,7 and even 8s. Can give you seller's ebay name if need be to confirm the history of these cards. The latter sold on eBay most of the graded '58s, and probably kept rest in storage. This card was obtained prior to that dealer getting the lot I elected not to get as it was too much for me at the time and now could have killed myself. The others I purchased from same all are '58s and include Maris and other Mantles, would also come in at least 7+ and are also Pack Fresh with centering being the only issues potentially bringing the grade down. I never got mine graded. PSA did not apply qualifiers to his neither!

I may list a few others, from this lot mentioned above or other singles, if I can get this scanner working correctly,
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