1958 Williams Turf Champ Animated Horse Race Pinball

1958 Williams Turf Champ Pinball Machine with a Six-Horse Animated Horse Race on the Playfield: And they're off! If you are a horseracing fan, love horses, or just like animated arcade and pinball machines from the 50's, Turf Champ may be the answer for you. The graphics depict horses and horseracing on the backglass, playfield, and best of all, in an animated six-horse horserace that progresses in the center of the playfield as you are playing the game! T are six horses that reset back to the starting line (nearest to the bottom of the playfield) and then "run" down the track as you hit certain targets on the playfield. The first one to reach the finish line (towards the top of the playfield) is the winner, while the second and third horses to finish "place" and "show," just like in real horseracing! At the start of each game, YOU are allowed to pick which horse will be yours to try and win the race. If your selected horse wins the race (or places or shows,) you are awarded free games depending upon how well you did. The number of free games is based on the final position of your horse. This machine is also very unique in that it doesn't count a score during the game! The play is COMPLETELY centered around the animated horserace. T is a nice strategy (and some skill) involved in trying to make your selected horse run down the track ... read more