1959-2011 Complete Lincoln Memorial Cent Set- Choice BU

1959 thru 2011 PD&S Choice Brilliant Uncirculated


This auction is for a 116 coin complete set of Choice Brilliant Uncirculated regular mint issue Lincolns from 1959-2010 PD&S. The following coins are in this set 1959 -1964P&D (1965,1966, 1967, only P's were minted) 1968-1974PD&S, 1975-2008P&D.the 2009 log cabin,log splitter, professional life and president P&D coins.The 2010 and 2011 Shield P&D pennys will be include. The coins will be mailed in coin tubes , a total of 116 Brilliant Uncirculated coins.

This set does not include any varieties or proof coins.

You will receive the following BU Cents:

1959-P, 1959-D, 1960-P LD, 1960-D, 1961-P, 1961-D, 1962-P, 1962-D, 1963-P, 1963-D, 1964-P, 1964-D, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968-P, 1968-D, 1968-S, 1969-P, 1969-D, 1969-S, 1970-P, 1970-D, 1970-S, 1971-P, 1971-D, 1971-S, 1972-P, 1972-D, 1972-S, 1973-P, 1973-D, 1973-S, 1974-P, 1974-D, 1974-S, 1975-P, 1975-D, 1976-P, 1976-D, 1977-P, 1977-D, 1978-P, 1978-D, 1979-P, 1979-D, 1980-P, 1980-D, 1981-P, 1981-D, 1982-P CLD, 1982-D CLD, 1983-P, 1983-D, 1984-P, 1984-D, 1985-P, 1985-D, 1986-P, 1986-D, 1987-P, 1987-D, 1988-P, 1988-D, 1989-P, 1989-D, 1990-P, 1990-D, 1991-P, 1991-D, 1992-P, 1992-D, 1993-P, 1993-D, 1994-P, 1994-D, 1995-P, 1995-D, 1996-P, 1996-D, 1997-P,
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