1959 Lone Star Beer - Hand W/ Bottle Back Bar Chalk

Howdy,, is a 1959 Lone Star Beer - Hand W/ Bottle BackBar Chalk,,,, from the Lone Star Brewing Company San Antonio Texas,,, ITS Super Rare Even in Texas
16 1/2" x 9 1/2" x 3 1/4" (with Real Bottle) It is in GREAT condition,,Original 50's paint NO Touchups ,,,,,,,
This is the same one I took to a national beer show several years ago for show & Tell,,,T are very few known ,,,,A few years Back 1 sold on ebay for big bucks and it was all beat to hell ,,,, The Brewery is gone but not forgotten ,,,,
I am thinning out my lone star collection so keep your eyes peeled for my other & future auctions.....
I accept Check ,Money order,,Pay pal,,,, Shipping is 4.60 Priority mail ,,,,I will combine Shipping...
Dont forget this Auction Ends Sunday..... Thanks