1959 Ludwig 401 Heavy Brass Snare Drum

This is an extremely hard to find drum. � 100% original and never modified 5x14 model 401. � Most don't know Ludwig offered a lacquered brass snare drum in this era. � Basically it is the same as a chrome over brass drum with the exception it was never chrome plated. � The lacquer finish is worn and shows tarnish spots from years of plays. � Overall it still looks great behind a set or on the shelf. � The close-up pictures make the drum look worse than it is but I wanted to make sure you were aware the finish is worn. � The tom and bottom hoops are heavy brass and the lugs are the early heavy ones as well. � The badge is the 1959-60 only transition badge which make this drum even more rare. � Strainer and butt are wfl variety which are normally used on this era drum. crimped bearing edges. Welded shell.� Shell is perfectly in round. � Heads fit on easy. � The drum plays fabulously. � Just like you would expect.� See the write up below for more information. Might be your only chance to own a 401 in any condition. The Rarest of the Rare On Review: The Super-Ludwig Lacquer over Brass Model 401 Today I review a snare drum I’ve lusted for since I began drumming in the mid-sixties. My local drum shop kept Ludwig catalogs on hand. The 1959-60 version showed the chrome-over-brass (COB) Super-Ludwig, predecessor to today’s Supraphonic 400 ... read more