1959 Topps You'll Die Laughing Card 20 Rare Error Card

Of the thousands of 1959 You'll Die Laughing Cards that I have had at one time or another, this is the only card I have ever seen w the Caption was left off, Extremely Rare, probaby One of a Kind !!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are bidding on a 1959 Topps You'll Die Laughing Card # 20 that I just took out of a Wax Pack. So this card is brand new !!!!!!

Shipping for this card will be $2.50.

Multiple Auction Winner Shipping costs are spelled out in all of my auctions.

I will accept the following methods of payment.

1. Do not I do not accept PayPal.

2. Personal Checks, Checks will need to clear before cards are sent.( E-Bayers with 100 feedbacks or better, cards go out on reciept of check.)

3. Cash

4. Money Orders

5. Gold Bullion

6. Uncut Diamonds (With Appraisal)


Shipping rates are as follows, as well as being spelled out in the individual listing.

1. Loose Cards 1-10 cards = $2.50

2. Loose Cards 11-50 cards = $3.00

3. PSA and SGC 1-3 ea = $3.00

4. PSA and SGC 4 ea and up, additional .50 per each.

5. USPS Priority Mail = $4.05

I do not grade cards as all card collectors have a different opinion of each and every card.
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