1959 WFL/Ludwig 3-piece Burgundy Sparkle Kit

For sale or auction: 1959 Burgundy Sparkle WFL/Ludwig 3-piece kit: 9"x12", 16" x 16", 18" x 20". These are the famed 3-ply mahogany shells with Rock Maple re-rings that made Ludwig drums from the transition badge era some of the finest instruments ever made by the company. This is a one-of-a-kind example of one of these classic kits. The toms are stamped on the inside; Dec 1959, and the bass drum is stamped; Jan 1960. The wrap is original/factory. All have blue ink WFL transition badges. This is a players kit, not a museum piece, but it is as rare as hens teeth. Here's why...
Burgundy sparkle wrap (or, Smokey Sparkle, could be either,) was not offered by the Ludwig company in its catalogs until the mid-sixties. These drums were made in 1959/60. They are either a custom order or they were made for an endorsee of the company. The 18" x 20" original/factory bass drum is a very rare size. Those size shells were mostly used for 20" floor toms. Only a 'few' were made into bass drums by Ludwig and added to kits. 3-ply mahogany shells w/maple re-rings are the finest the Ludwig company ever produced. The sound of these drums is warm, fat and solid. Tone like butter melting on hot pancakes. See photos. (Please excuse the dark photos, the flash on the camera wasn't working.)
9" x 12" Rack tom: The wrap on the tom is tight and the
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