1960-61 Jack & Marion's Brookline, Mass. Deli Postcards

You are bidding on a piece of Boston great history. Up for bid is 3 postcards that have not been used from the early 1960's of� Jack and Marion's, Brookline, MA. This is from a site about restaurants that are no longer with us.� � Why a household name-caliber restaurant closed, we'll never know, but Jack and Marion's served as the local leader of what some say was New York City quality deli food, with service and urban panache to match. While some other delis had surly service and didn't always give it their best effort, Jack and Marion's seemed like a model of hard-working consistency -- even to a then eight-year-old like me. One could fill up on great soups, a main meal and huge dessert in a bustling atmosphere. Jack and Marion's proved that running a restaurant as efficiently as a machine didn't mean dining in a charmless, sterile environment; it just meant you could enjoy the great food and be taken care of in a really nice, pleasant dining room with deli aromas that seemed to extend a mile to our parking space in urban Brookline.�