1960 Armour Baseball Pin/Coin Ernie Banks "Cubs" PSA 8 NM-MT (Blue)

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After a three-year layoff, Armour again inserted plastic "coins" into its hot dog packages. The coins retained their 1-1/2" size but did not include as much detailed information as in 1955. Missing from the coins’ backs is information such as birthplace and date, team, and batting and throwing preference. The fronts contain the player’s name and, unlike 1955, only the team nickname is given. The set consists of 20 coins which come in a myriad of colors. Common colors are navy blue, royal blue, medium green, orange and red. Many other colors are known, many of them scarce and of extra value to Armour specialists. In 1959 Armour had a mail-in offer of 10 coins for $1, which accounts for half of the coins in the set being much more plentiful than the others. These coins are similar to the Topps, Old London, Chips, Pin, Jello, Armour, Salada and Shirriff coins in the 1960’s but are much scarcer because they were issued in boxes of tea and pudding mix.

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