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50 Cent Shipping

A Scout is: Thrifty

In an attempt to offer more economical merchandise to the public I am offering a

"Bare Bones" shipping option to selected auctions.

The following requirements must be met in order to qualify for .50 cent postage

1 Payment by USPS Money order Only

2 Self addressed STAMPED Envelope

T will not be any delivery conformation available but since we are using a self address envelope with your address the address will be correct & the quality of the envelope will be your responsibility

ONLY USPS Money Orders No checks or store Money orders

The 50 cents is the "Handling Charge" & covers eBay's listing fees & I will cover the eBay commission as a cost of doing business

please keep in mind the posted amount for Postage & handling is still available for that you will get

payment accepted through your credit card through PayPal any personal check (with time to clear my bank) or any store bought money order

Delivery Conformation

New padded mailing envelop

Postsag $2.95 in the USA