1960 Leaf Baseball 24 Wax Pack Box Opened LOOK

This lot is for one 1960 Leaf Baseball wax box. It includes 24 opened packs with a Nm-Mt box. Each pack still has each marble that came in each pack. It also includes 57 cards that were pulled from the packs and are in untouched condition. They include 3 Jim Bunnings, 1 2 hal smiths and other stars from the packs. Each wrapper is in perfect condition and still in the wrapped form which make a nice display peace as an unopened box. T also should be some Mint 9's in the card lot. I pulled what I needed for my set and am selling this lot to purchase others that I need. Also this is a 1960 2nd series wax box. I bought it from BBCEXCHANGE about a year ago. And just recentely busted it. Please see pic and email any questions. Good Luck