c.1960 SHEAFFER'S Cartridge Fountain Pen See-Thru Barrel & Chrome Cap

From old family wholesale company, I kept some of my favorite cartridge ink pens still in the package on the card. I am doing late spring cleaning and it is time for this one to go somewhere to be used or displayed. The card is completely intact. The contents is new and unused. It includes the Medium point pen and seven blue ink cartridges. This one is clear in color. Most of the ink has dried up in the cartridges but you can insert them in the pen and then fill them with ink with an eye dropper or syringe. I used to do that all the time since the cartridges were hard to find for a time. They may still make them. Regardless you will have seven cartridges to use with this surprisingly fine old fashioned ink pen by a well respected company in an age where we spend too little time using this sort of thing. This is my last one. Shipping is $3.50.