1960 Topps Baseball - Factory Sealed 1 Cent Wax Pack!

1960 Topps Baseball 1 (one) Cent Wax Pack – Near Mint!

No, the listing is not a mistake. The Pack was graded as a 1965 1 Cent Wax Pack by GAI. However, we are convinced that the pack is a 1960 1 Cent Wax Pack. Check out the image at :


Year: 1960

Manufacturer: Topps

Type: Wax Wrapper

Stated Cost: 1 Cent

Front Design: Non-Repeating

Panel Design: Vote

Grade: 7 (Near Mint)

Grader: Global Authentication Inc.

A rare find for the true baseball card collector. We agree with the grade the pack received of Near Mint. The 1 Cent Packs, which contained one card and one piece of gum, are much rarer than the 5 Cent Packs. The Beckett Guide prices the wrapper alone at $800. Leave the pack unopened, or take your chances and see if you could pull a truly Mint Mantle or any other of the many highly desirable cards from the 1960 Topps set. Free Shipping!