This auction is for the 1960 "yearbook" of the "New York Air Defense Sector" of the United States Air Force. The mission of NYADS was to protect over 25 million Americans (in a region that included seven states) from hostile air attack. Basically, to detect and destroy any Soviet air attack of the Wilmington, Delaware to New York City area corridor. The territory ranged from the southern tip of New Jersey and Wilmington, Delaware on the south to Pennsylvania and southeastern New York state on the west to Nantucket, Massachusetts on the north.

NYADS included radar sites, fighter and fighter-interceptor groups, missile units and of course, administrative and support groups. NYADS was largely responsible for one of the foundational projects of the computer era: the development of the SAGE, the Semi-Automatic Ground Environment air defense system. SAGE was devised to collect and coordinate all available information on the local air situation and dissemination of battle instructions to defending forces at electronic speeds. Aside from the strategic importance, SAGE set the foundation for mass data-processing systems and foreshadowed many computer developments of the 1960s. The heart of the system, the IBM built AN/FSQ-7, was the first computer to have an internal memory composed of magnetic cores. SAGE also
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