1960's Buddy L Hanna Barbera Cartoon Huckleberry Hound Childs Ride on Riding Toy

This is a vintage ride on toy from the 1960's. Huckleberry Hound, the Hanna Barbera cartoon character of the 1960's. Made by Buddy L, the same manufacturer of the toy trucks. Plastic molded with metal handle and metal plate attached to the bottom for the casters. This measures approx. 22" L x 19"H (Floor to top of head) x 8"W. The height from floor to top of back or saddle areais about 11". Considering that this is a toy from another era with different safety standards I am selling this as a collectible. It is up to the new owner to decide if they want their child to play this. It is structurally solid made of a hard molded plastic. There is not much to find on this through research. There was a similar listing for what looked like the same molded toy but as a swing toy not a riding toy. This does have 2 round protrusions in the plastic that look like they were made to be drilled / punched to put a dowel or foot hold through for an optional application such as the swing. Condition: Both front paws are dented and a couple of small splits at the dents. It's possible that if the metal caster plate was removed that the plastic could be pushed somewhat back in shape. Scuffs and other marks from play. The photos should show everything.
I will have to remove the casters for shipping. They are easily reinserted and lock into place. Postage
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