1960s China Cultural Revolution Poster, The Gangs

About 4 years ago I was lucky to buy political posters from the Cultural Revolution and the Vietnam War from a scientist near Beijing. They were very well received. Now I found another fellow who is hunting for me and he's turned up some beauties, which I'll be listing over the next three weeks, so mark this spot.

These were everyw from 1967-1973, and at one time you could buy them for a penny a piece in Hong Kong as late as 1974. But with toilet paper being so scarce t for a while....

They appeared on every tree, every fence, every shop window...sort of like a circus coming to town...only what came was madness and mayhem.

Undated, Original on thin brown paper, 29 x 21, i think this is the gangs the Red Guard didn't like, Mrs mao, Deng Zhaoping, several faces you recognize

Winner pays 4.95 shipping prioirity mail, w/delivery confirmation, but we combines shipping