1960s Girl Bedspread Novelty Fabric Doll Roller Skates Playground Dog Friends

Adorable vintage bedspread, made for a long-ago little girl.
Wonderful novelty cotton/linen features colorful scenes of different girls doing different activities:
Pushing a doll stroller while walking a dog
Painting a picture
Putting a doll to sleep in an elaborate canopy bed
Roller skating with a friend (one girl has fallen down!)
Frolicking on the playground at school - swings and jump rope
I love the details. The girls have different hair colors and hair styles (head band, braids, ponytail), red smock apron, dotted nightgown, blue socks coordinating with blue panties (yes, you can see them on the girl on the swing - it was a more innocent time), red Mary Jane shoes...great little touches.
This is in fabulous condition and I cannot find any flaws.
Nice piping at edges of mattress. Bottom corners are rounded off, not square.
Fits a single bed perfectly.
Smells fresh and clean.
74" wide
100" long