1960's Halina Viceroy TLR 120 Roll Film Camera - Lomo Lomography Style

This Halina-Viceroy camera is from the early 1960s. It takes 12 6x6 exposures or 24 24x36 exposures on 120 roll film. It has a meniscus f8 lens with fixed focus and with a shutter speed of approx 1/50 and timed. It has 3 aperture settings of f8, f11 and f16. It has a red coverable window in the rear for the frame counter. An added bonus is the 2 masking frames for taking 24x36 (35mm) exposures on 120 roll film which should produce 24 shots out of one roll of film. The condition of this camera is near mint with only very minor signs of use, It comes with it's original leather fitted case and light meter attachment with case as well. It is missing its take up spool and does not come with the instruction manual. It is a nice item to add for collectors.