ORNATE DESIGN & DECORATION-1960'S POISON RING WITH HINGED OPEN COMPARTMENT-PATENT DATE FOR UNIQUE DEVICE FOR RING SIZE ADJUSTMENT This ring is truly a unique piece of jewelry. It is hard to tell what kind of stone is in the ring, yet looking under the loop I believe it to be a stone, possibly turquoise. In any case, this stone is in an elaborate setting, with a hinged compartment, classifying the piece as a "poison ring". The oval shaped stones measures 1" long x 3/4" wide. The ring/compartment setting is 3/4" deep. It appears the inside compartment of the ring is enameled white. The ring shank is slightly squared off. This is w the patent comes in. You can pull on the back piece to adjust the size of the ring; unique invention. Stamped on the inside of the ring is "Pat. 2,961,855"; dating around the early 1960's. The ring is sterling and tested for sterling, yet I cannot locate the mark. This piece looks great when worn. NOTE: PLEASE ASK QUESTIONS ABOUT THE ITEM BEFORE BIDDING. IF YOU ARE NOT SATISFIED WITH THE ANSWER, OR QUESTION THE AS PICTURED STABILITY OF THE ITEM, PLEASE DO NOT BID. THE WRITTEN DESCRIPTIONS ON VINTAGE PIECES ARE DETAILED TO THE BEST OF MY ABILITY. TO PREVENT RETURNS OR POSSIBLE DISSATISFACTION IN ANY ITEM SOLD, ASK QUESTIONS AND THEY WILL BE ANSWERED ACCORDINGLY. IN NO WAY ARE THE DESCRIPTIONS, AND
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