1960's Mattel Vrroom x-15 Tricycle Pedal car for parts restore working condition

This listing will end at 7:05 Pst time on a Thursday so please take note so you will not miss out on this little baby

This might look like a old tricycle that has seen its last days...

But what I see is an opportunity here to restore a classic Vrroom x-15 tricycle from Mattel...

There is alot of rust but the tricycle is still fully operable...

My 4 yr old niece actually got on this thing and was riding it around just having a ball with it..

This tricycle actually steers from the back two tires not the front one which is way cool and different compared to a conventional tricycle..

Here are the dimensions and some specifics on the Tricycle / Pedal car

Made of Steel Solid Rubber Wheels VERY NEAT Rear Steering Joystick. Move the stick to the right/left, the wheel pivot and steer you right/left. Almost a rack and pinion type system. Rubber/Metal Foot Pedals Made for toddler size children Still has half of the seat belt Rear Wheels: 10" Wide Front Wheel: 14" Wide Total Length: Aprox 37" Total Width: 24" Steering Handle: 12

So there it is a folks a Vrroom X-15 Tricycle in need of some obvious TLC..

The seat is missing two bolts but those should be pretty easy to find and replace they are a very common type of bolt

I am not trying to hide anything here as you
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