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The Crow Indian Tribe, also called the Absaroka or Apsaalooke, are a tribe of Native Americans who historically lived in the Yellowstone river valley and now live on a reservation south of Billings, Montana.

The tribal headquarters are located at Crow Agency, Montana. The tribe hosts a large pow-wow, rodeo, and parade annually. Much of the art of the Crow IndianTribe is sold at this annual Pow-Wow.

The Crow language is a member of the Missouri Valley Siouan languages. They split from the Hidatsa tribe in present-day North Dakota.

The traditional shelters of the Crow are tepees made with buffalo skins and wooden poles. They are known to contruct some of the largest tepees. Inside they have mattresses to sleep on along the borders of their shelters, and a fire place, which the smoke escapes from through a hole in the top of the tepee. Many Crow families still own and use the tepee, especially when traveling. Crow Fair has been described

Traditional clothing the Crow wore depended on gender. Women wouldn't dress very fancy because they were mostly around their shelters. They wore dresses made of mountain sheep or deer skins, decorated with elk teeth. They would cover their legs with leggings and their feet with moccasins. Crow women had short hair, unlike the men. The men dressed differently, with a shirt, trimmed leggings with a belt, a robe, and moccasins on their feet. Their hair was actually long, in some cases reaching or even dragging the ground, and sometimes decorated with certain items.

The Crow were a matrilineal (decent through the maternal line), matrilocal (husband moves in with wife's family), and matriarchal tribe (females obtaining high status, even chief). Women held a very significant role within the tribe.

This particular Pair of Moccasins were a pair of everyday mocassins, they were not ceremonial moccasins, which were normally much more fanciful with the beadwork. But, this is a pair of Crow Moccasins that were made to be worn by the Indians for regular use.

This pair of moccasins measures approximately

9 1/2" in length


4 1/2" in width at the widest point.

This beaded pair of moccasins was made by hand from tanned leather ( probably deer or elk) and beads. The beads on this pair of moccasins are the colors of red, blue and green. This beadwork is simple.

The Crow Indians were known for their bright Beadwork and they often used red and blue beads in their beaded artwork. This pair of moccasins features the red and blue beads of the Crow Indians and dark green beads.

As you can see, this pair of moccasins have been worn and used. The couple who traded for this pair of moccasins obtained them for display purposes and they were used and worn when they obtained them. But, it was the art and style of these moccasins as to why they obtained them.

Please note that t are a couple beads that are loose on the moccasins. And, the moccasins show wear as we have tried to show in our pictures. Yes, these moccasins could still be worn if someone wanted to wear them. But, because of the age of these moccasins, they also are great collectible items and are great for display purposes.

This Native American Crow Indian Handmade Pair of Moccasins comes from a fabulous Native American Indian Collection of a Denver couple who collective Native American items for over 50 years. We are now liquidating their life-long collection. Their collection included many Navajo Indian Rugs, Baskets, Beadwork, Dolls, Indian Clothing, Indian Jewelry, Indian Drums, Original Native American...
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