RARE 1960s Portable Radio Phonograph - MINT IN BOX !

Vintage 1960s




R Mint In Box
What are the chances you would find a gem like this 1960s portable radio/phonograph mint in box, complete with styrofoam packing and instruction sheet ?
I acquired a large number of these forgotten gems. They had been sitting in a warehouse in Woodland Hills, California, for 20 years when the 1994 Northridge Earthquake reduced these vintage portable phonographs to smitens. I will list them according to condition as accurately as I can, so these are sold AS IS. Some of the more banged- electronicsup ones may be more suitable for someone who is good with vintage electronics, or for PARTS. But this first one is a real beauty. Exactly as pictured, the box is in perfect condition, and so is the phonograph. The AM and FM Radios are perfect, the sound rich, and the phonograph plays all three speeds exactly as they should sound. The only problem with this first one I am listing on eBay is that it skips from time to time.However, because I am crazy but not stupid, I realise you could probably fix this problem by affixing a coin to the arm - or that the skipping may be caused by the record itself, the only record I have for testing these, an old 45 RPM of "Wild Thing" by Tone Loc. MAN IT SOUNDS GOOD! Nobody writes
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