1960s Topper Secret Sam Briefcase

This is from an estate and I am not sure what all is missing but it looks like the camera or part that shoots out the case. There is also one plastic bullet. There are no darts so I cannot try the gun but the trigger feels like it has tension so I didn't try without a dart. This is only a toy and there is an orange cap in the barrel as per Ebay rules. THIS IS ONLY A TOY AND CANNOT BR MADE TO SHOOT .This is a used toy from an estate so you are bidding on all you see. I always send items out the next day after the payment is received. I also refund any shipping payment overage made. Thank you

Noticed it wasn't mentioned but the one tip on the� tube section� that goes on the gun has a chip as seen in one of the pictures. Also the mirror in the large piece is loose. Thank you