1960's Vintage New! CORNFLAKES AND PEACHES Post Fun Graphics & Color 9" tall

I will be listing some of my vintage cereal boxes. I will gladly combine shipping, the 1st lb is the most expensive so the more you buy the better a price on shipping per box. I started collecting cereal boxes in the 1980's. Most have just been stored away for years. Getting ready to move so selling off some of them.
Vintage empty box of Post CORN FLAKES & PEACHES. These were from the fairly early 1960's, I remember when they came out I LOVED them! This was the first time I had freeze dried fruit and I love to pick the pieces out. This box is still glued on the bottom, but from being stored kept so many years that has caused some wear and tear on the top lid's edge and a pit pushed out on the right side. The front with the nice design is pretty good so fine for display on a shelf with other boxes. Fantastic graphics and nice colors! Original price of 47 cents stamped on the top.