1960's Vintage Unmarked 36 inch Walker Doll TLC

It's Cabin Fever Time!!!! and being locked up in the house all Winter has cause me to clean out my closet and attic again. I will be listing a few dolls and other items over the next couple weeks so please keep checking!

Here I have a lovely little girl Vintage unmarked 36 inch Walker Doll. I am not sure of who she is there is no marks on her at all. I found her last summer baking in the sun on top of a car roof of a little old couple. You can see how dirty she was (pic with grey matted hair) and after I cleaned her (pic with light blonde hair and reset the curl the best I could the hair has been cut). Her face is very pretty with open and close green eyes most of the lashes are gone paint the face paint is still very nice.

She had this dirty faded peach dress on her ( left it with her since it seemed be vintage and was right for her age) I washed it as best as I could (it was fragile from being dry from the sun) added some lace and ribbons and sewed some holes it came out pretty nice, the bow on her head is from the dress you can put the ties back on the dress. She has a new pair of socks and panties. The black shoes are orginal the were also on her they are in ok shape still snaps but velvet is worn the the same for the cardboard bottoms.

Now for her issue: She has a large crack on the back of her neck
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