1961 Bally Sharpshooter Gun Machine * SHOOTS REAL BALLS

1961 Bally Sharpshooter Gun Arcade Machine, Shoots Real Balls: No gameroom can be complete without at least one gun game in it! And this one shoots REAL 11/16" plastic ball bullets , so is the perfect candidate for you! Take your time and aim at one of the moving or stationary targets and if you hit it, you are awarded points based on what target was "downed." You get twenty shots to score as high as you can, so make the most of every shot! The inside target area of this machine really has a nice look to it with GREAT colors, graphics, and targets. Because this area is peppered with bullets/balls during every game, many times it takes a BIG hit and looks like it is 47 years old. But in the case of this machine, although t are minor imperfections in the cardboard scenery and targets, none of them are very bad at all and it still holds a VERY nice overall look. If you are a true hunter, the theme of this machine will keep your interest since you aim at a fox, two different sized squirrels, and pesky wabbits! And it offers pretty nice overall cosmetics, allowing it to be placed in any room of your house. Gun games are FUN to have in a gameroom and always seem to have endless play. And gun games that actually shoot bullets/balls, are truly a step above all the rest.

This machine is mechanically unshopped and will need to be gone

The top backglass is in very nice shape and I believe it is plexiglass, as per original (so that it wouldn't be broken by balls, I'm sure!) T are a few VERY minor nicks/chips in the paint in the fox in the center, but otherwise is nearly perfect. The colors are nice and bright and t is no sign of any fading. It even has the graphics of your targets (a fox, rabbits, and squirrels) everyw to remind you what you are aiming for! No disappointments with this glass, it looks fantastic and the graphics definitely keep with the theme of the machine. The target area is in REAL nice shape for a gun game like this that shoots actual balls. Almost always, this area REALLY gets beat up from being hit by balls ALL THE TIME! This background scenery, along with the scenery along the sides, top and bottom are cardboard panels that have been attached. They are ALL in VERY nice shape with MINIMAL damage due to the balls. A couple of the cardboard pieces do have some slight warpage in them, but it looks like these could be straightened with only a little bit of effort. T are SMALL spots of wear in the graphics and t, but really, none that are even noticeable unless you are REALLY looking for them. All targets are in place. T are four stationary targets along the bottom. The FACES of these targets were reversed at some time in the past with the original graphics pointed towards the back of the machine and peace signs drawn on this side! But the great news is that you can switch these back around if you want. T are moving squirels and rabbits near the middle tha...
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